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Super Scroll – WIP

it still needs a lot of work, but you can see the potential already. this is a very dynamic model and I will learn how to make it even moreso (more on that later) but for now I need to focus on the outstanding issues…

#1 retextured

do you like this parchment texture better, or should I revert to the other version?

8 points

#2 raw

this was the basic look and feel, which I will continue to tweak

7 points

#3 just emissive

this one only has an emissive map for the spell. obviously that doesn't work

5 points

#4 parchment test

just applied the parchment material to the entire model, because I was lazy

4 points

#5 blowout

I wanted the spells to glow but that didn't happen the way I'd hoped it would

4 points

#6 mix

now the spells glow just enough to look magical without being obnoxious. my next tasks are to find a good color for the spells and play with the emissive settings some more, please look forward to it!

3 points

What do you think?

16 points


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