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Cast a Deadly Spell – the Initiate – WIP

This piece is so nice that I am going to included it in my cast a deadly spell series. There is an alternate version where she’s wearing the big Harry Potter glasses, I’ll be rolling that one out later this week or early next week. Meanwhile, dig that new background!

#1 background test

should I stick with the wallpaper or try for wood paneling?

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#2 soft filter

I have also changed her hand so it looks more like she's casting a spell. Do you like it better this way?

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#3 sharp and crisp

this whole piece is sharp and a little flat

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#4 dof render

now I've added a depth of field effect, which allows the background to slip out of focus...

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What do you think?

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  1. I see you do art work the digital way and it probably its much faster. I have been working by hand for many years and need to learn the digital way too.
    However, in every direction I see I have a lot to learn.
    Really grateful to see your creative work and expertise.
    Your art work is excellent.

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