The Stupidest Questions That Photographers Hate to Hear

Johan Repsold, my brother in law, who is a great photographer has finally given me, one of his photos he promised me of the abandoned ghost town, Kolmanskop in Namibia. The building in the photo is just one example of the dozens of abandoned buildings found there. It stands on a small knoll overlooking what seems to be a railroad siding with a sign and the words: “Grasplatz”, this is situated on the outskirts of Kolmanskop.

I have often mentioned, one can clearly see the tones and hues of indigo struck about by subtle desert shades of mauve and amber at sunset, indeed, subtly captured through Johan’s camera, a Canon lens, pre-emanating in a spectacular backdrop to the eerie silhouette of the single remaining building at Grasplats.

We are ultimately better equipped to snatch even the very soul of nature, “essence de la nature” I have been commissioned to share a few more examples of such moments, forever frozen in time, captured by the camera lenses of the prize-winning amateur photographers, of our photographic club: SOUTHERN SUBURBS CAMERA CLUB” of Gauteng South Africa.You are cordially invited to enjoy the amazing images while enjoying a giggle at the ridiculous Q’s and A’s fellow photographers such as yourselves, are frequently engaged in, humor being almost a photographer’s stock in trade.

1. “Can you make me a few photos? I will invite you to a dinner someday.”

Answer: I will scrub your toilet, too, of course…for a burger.

2. “Can you take black-and-white photographs?”

Answer: Castrating a donkey won’t make it a stallion. Taking away color does not always add value.

3. “I am starting to pursue nude photos. What would you recommend?”

Answer: Visible nipples turns a photo into a work of art automatically. Nothing needs to be mastered anymore.

4. What point-and-shoot under $200 would you recommend for my little brother?

Answer: I’ll tell you right after you recommend me the best umbrella under $10!

5. “Where do you get your inspiration from?”

Answer: I drink absinthe with gin and think about eternity.

6. “Can I have all the original photos ?”

Answer: Yes, sure, I will also give you the contents and my kitchen-sink filter as a bonus.

7.” Where do you make the Photoshop effects?”

Answer: In Microsoft Paint, naturally.

8. “Is it digital or film?”

Answer: It is a soda-pop can pinhole with a microformat digital back.

As you can clearly see, my list is nowhere near complete so if you have some great stupid questions to share with us, please comment below.



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    • Hello Albert, thank you for commenting. I had six award-winning photos posted here inter-spaced between the Q&A’s taken by the members of SOUTHERN SUBURBS CAMERA CLUB” of Gauteng South Africa. which was great and okay when used elsewhere, (Gurushots and Instagram and Virily) but for some or other reason the management of this site found them too small and blurred, they are probably just overworked at head office, judging by how long I wait for articles to be approved (2 days) lol

    • Hello Lacho59 My brother in law has been doing portraits for 50 years, (his day job is as a geologist) but says there are some r e a l l y stupid questions! lol thanks for commenting

    • 5 million pro photographers think these questions are stupid. I’m not a professional photographer, I’m merely sharing what I read, that they feel. Thanks for commenting.