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Stained Glass WIPs

This is the time of year that some folks will actually see the inside of a church once, but then never again for another year. If you are one of those types of people, and you find yourself in a church (or better yet, a cathedral) then take some time to appreciate the stained glass. If you’re lucky, you might catch some light streaming through the panes…

Since I am obsessed with light on form, it should come as no surprise to you that I am also into volumetric lighting and colored glass. I’m also into goth girls, so they made an appearance as well. Some cathedrals are gothic so it is a natural connection to make, right?

#1 work in progress

It turns out you can be over-exposed and under-exposed at the same time. You might think that they'd cancel eachother out and you'd end up with a perfect shot, but you would be sadly mistaken...

#2 rough sketch

My nice rough sketch before I decided to get all crazy with the exposure times

#3 Rhapsody in Amber – WIP

This piece is actually quite old and didn't hold up as well as I would've liked but conceptually it is solid, which means I'm going to have to rework it. Sure I have an unflattened version I might try to save with postwork but honestly I'd rather just start from scratch...

Nice volumetrics though. What are volumetrics, you ask? Scroll down and find out!

#4 Volumetric Test

Volumetric lighting is the term for visible rays of light, sometimes called god rays. This was a test to determine if I could get the light to take on the color of the stained glass and reflect upon a model

#5 clay render

Remember clay renders? That should give you an indication of how old this piece is...

#6 untitled WIP

This piece is so old I've forgotten the title, but I was able to save it with a bit of postwork. If only I didn't hate the stained glass window so much

#7 clay render

this is a light test for a backlit scheme that was ultimately discarded in favor of a more standard three point rig. It is very flattering for the background but doesn't do enough for the figure

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