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Columbina – WIP

Columbina is a character from the Commedia dell’arte. She is the lover of Harlequin and the maid of Isabella, the Inamorata. The cast of the commedias have made prolific appearances in costume parties for centuries and I think they’re a good Halloween theme as well

#1 legacy version

Here is the original version, done with the Lux engine. It is actually better than the Iray version at this time, so I am going to see if I can't fix that. I can always revert to this iteration if I fail...

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#2 work in progress

this version is a bit underexposed and there are some other issues that I will try to address, it should be good practice for me...

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  1. That is how I learned plumbing, Alex. Late DH was trying to fix the bathroom sink and couldn’t get it apart so after some time he left all his tools lying out and dashed off somewhere to vent his frustration. By the time he got back I had the job finished. Neither one of us knew I had it in me, rflol.

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