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Even MORE ways to skin a cat

For some reason, this piece reminds me of those art deco ads you’d see around a century ago. I no longer remember what the motivation was for this piece, but at a certain point in time I just started messing around with it, trying to get something I’d like. Here are some of the results…

#1 painterly approach

She has a playful, frisky kinda vibe going on, and some interesting shading. I'd consider this to be a viable technique

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#2 underpainting

this is the underpainting for the piece you just saw, I was able to get some nice values; highlight, shadow and two midtones

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#3 rough sketch

this sketch started out too dark and I wasn't able to lighten it up enough for my taste so I just abandoned it and did the previous sketch. So basically my process is exactly the reverse order of presentation...

  1. Whatever works for you, but I find that it saves a lot of time and effort to do thumbnails and other small studies first until I really understand what the piece needs and then I can do the large version with less problems and get better results…



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