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Some new drawings by me

Just some new drawings by me recently to show you all.

Art is always to me, thinking outside the box. Now it’s possible to copy from photos which I use as a guide only.

You get 2 sorts of methods. Just stand and throw the rubbish at the wall and give it a fancy name and call that “Art”. An elephant or a monkey or a 3 year old child could do it. Maybe a cat with it’s feet dipped in Thalo blue walking across the canvas would do the trick. I suppose it would appeal to some, and just charge a thousand bucks and walk away. The rule is to break all the rules, but you can’t really break rules if you don’t know what they are can you? Well maybe by chance?

Or you could get a photograph, measure it up. Make sure you get quick slick techniques and copy your photo. Yes, you put a lot of time. No knowledge of anatomy or perspective required. Just technical copy. Call it Art. Well, it’s an art of copy or plagiarism. Learn from it.

Or you could add to it and do both. Keep an image in your head. Learn perspective, proportions, anatomy if it’s living like animal or person, or building. You could even use a photograph but don’t make it exact.

You can also do an abstract. Now all the rules disappear or do they? It’s your choice after all. It’s called, “Artistic Licence”. After all, it is “Art!”.

In any case, everyone is different.

Do you know, the worst crime is when all the pupils draw exactly like their teachers with no originally at all. Art is supposed to be freedom of expression. Yet, they all look very nice. I suppose you could call that a learning curve?

#5 Life Class

This took 1/2 hour or 20 mins. I tend to draw very quickly and try to be as quick as possible. I finished quickly so did an extra sketch of her face.

Im never really entirely happy with the sketches but its OK for an idea. 

Life class is a good place to learn about the human body. It's nothing more than a clinical study but a very satisfying way of perfecting drawing people. 


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. Great artist. I tend to photograph a subject and copy it. I have no creativity when it comes to painting. I can do the cabin on the lake type paintings without a photo, but not much else. I admire those who can like you!

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