Love ItLove It


In the dark,

I shouted


why I feel tied up here?


Who tied you up?

I do not know!

Why are you tied up?

I do not know!

What tied you up?

I do not know!

Since when were you bound?

I do not know!

Do you want to be free?

Of course!

What have you done?

I have not done anything yet

very well,

just wait till yourself free you!

Poetry and Digital Illustration painting by Albert Herdie


What do you think?


  1. Your poetic call for liberation impressed me very much. Remembered the words of the song of my favorite music group A-HA:
    “And see…as our lives are in the making
    We believe through the lies and the hating
    That love goes free”

  2. I can’t top your thoughts. You are a one of a kind man that writes from his heart. Then it spreads over the whole world with love.

    • Thanks, Carol.
      I think there is so much dialogue in our minds, and I am happy to notice and observe the types or topics of dialogue because it seems the dominant indicate our life orientation, what do you think?