Like My Poetry And Do You Believe in Miracle?

A Song

Can a song reopen the spirit

and allow for safe passage

from the past to the present

I say YES

is more than a guess

The book Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury

is making a believer out of me you see

 An autistic boy 

 was locked within himself

since he was a child

Can a song

 be his miracle

 for a new beginning?

Read this book

and maybe witness the miracle

within a song


The book The Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury has inspired me to believe in miracles. I am about halfway through the book. He may be in the play The’ Beauty and the Beast.’ I have a feeling a song from this movie will spark in him the old Holden, and maybe put his autism to a rest. On the front of the book, it says ‘They looked for a miracle and found it in a song.’

I said maybe a miracle due to the fact I have not finished the story yet.

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What do you think?

Written by LaJenna


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