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Scanline Showdown

These are variants of a Pris memorial piece called Retired. Special thanks to Carol DM for giving me the idea for that title. I think scanlines make a piece look more cyberpunk, please tell me which look you prefer. If you don’t like the scanline effect, please say so in the comments…

  • Question of

    which scanline effect looks better to you?

    • single
    • double
  • Question of

    do you like the scanline effect?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. Well Alex I had to look up what a scanline effect was. Just to say I know nothing about how you do your masterpieces. I especially like the single one because of course it seems there are less lines. The single one is smoother and prettier than the double one. It looks much more natural. But this is just me. I really like the simple lines you used in that portrait. Her hair tumbles down naturally. I give you an A+ grade.


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