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Incept Date

I would like everyone to observe a moment of silence for Priss, whose four year lifespan has been exceeded. Actually, it hasn’t since there is no Tyrell Corporation and therefore not even a Nexus 1 model just yet. I guess we should mourn the fact that our technology is still lagging behind Blade Runner?

#1 memorial version

Have a happy valentine's day from Priss the Replicant...

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#2 clean feed

This is the image before I started fussing with it

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#3 banner graphic

usually I leave my new years graphic up all month long, but this year I am going to do a Blade Runner theme for the rest of the month

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#4 replicant eye

the only avatar I could think of

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#5 Do you like our owl?

It's artificial? Of course it is.

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What do you think?

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