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Portrait of Denise (2016)

Art by Dennis Davis — “Portrait of Denise” (2016) — Digital, Simulated oil, Created from photo-reference. Denise is on Virily as DENNY.

Denise and I just celebrated our 4-Year Wedding Anniversary.  She is the love of my life.  For all you seniors looking for love, it’s never too late.

The Mystery by Christy Sperrazza

Having met you later in life,
there are no memories
of young romantic love,
high school roller skating parties,
college weekdays longing for your touch.

No memories of experiencing together
life’s first tastes of freedom
or the innocence of believing
that we had all the time in the world.

I never knew your young body nor you mine;
those days when I looked radiant in the morning.

When life finally brought us together.
We stood before each other
in the stark reality of all we had become.
Too mature to hide
Yet secretly wondering
If the other would stay
And if love was worth the trouble
After all this time.

Piece by piece
We removed the layers of life
Shedding off what no longer served us
Until we discovered a place deep inside,
Beyond judgment, expectation,
Or what anyone else thought

Where we found only pure light.

Smiling, we instinctively knew
We had everything we needed
For the rest of the journey.
Now With you by my side
I can see the light in your eyes
Reminding me
Of who we really are.
Forgiveness has never been so easy
And love so real.
Having met you later in life,
The knowledge that our time here is limited
Grows stronger with each passing moment.

Instead of running, I pause and breathe.
Hold your gaze.
Feel your energy.
And open my heart to the mystery of life.


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Written by Art by Dennis


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