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Pam’s Pen & Ink Drawings

Here are several of my pen & ink drawings. I’ve done over the years. I will talk about each one as we go but first I will point out pen & ink techniques.

One important asset to Art Work is patience. People think that because you are an artist you can click your fingers and have a Michaelangelo art work yesterday. Every one wants something done yesterday. Well, I’ve news for you, if you want something good you have to have patience and see it through and keep a cool head on you. Art is hard work.

With pen & ink techniques. You basically can do line, cross hatch, dot, dry brush or make up your own technique. You can use any colour ink you want. Best though to use quality paper and good quality ink. I recommend Staedtler pen & ink pens, they last longer. In Graphic Design in 1987, Staedtler pens were not available and had to use the hard Rotring Pens and they dried out quickly, you really had to look after those. They were hard to use. Sometimes I just like the colour of the Blue ball point pens.

#1 Graphic Design Oriental woman

I did this for Graphic Design in 1987. We all did something like this. It's Cross hatch and so many dots it will drive one mad, plus dry brush. Took me 3 days. 

The subject, was from the days of Pol Pot, and there was a newspaper clipping of people being shot. This woman clutching her baby caught my eye. I couldn't get her out of my head. She was beautiful but frightened, understandable in her circumstances.

Done with the old difficult Rotring pen on Butcher board. I now have that framed on the wall. It's quite a large picture. 

13 points

#2 Blue Faery by me

I have always drawn as a child and never stopped. I guess if you said I never grew up, you would be right. The teachers used to grab me by my hair and pull me out of the class room. They didn't know that doodlers, are actually listening but you couldn't tell those teachers anything. There was only one type of person that doodled and they were usually trouble in their minds.

They should have listened but now modern teachers don't do that anymore and so the teachers must have learned that there is more than one type of person they teach at school and we all learn in different ways. Im glad they learned something over time. 

12 points

#3 Abstract Eels

This originated from my brother Denis,s photos and he caught these a long time ago. I thought that they would make a good abstract so had a go and this is the result. 

My brother used to catch eels alive and take them up to a factory in Auckland. The Maoris don't like people doing that and so that stopped and the factory closed down. I don't know why. So he catches Oposums now. 

11 points

#4 Budgie Pen & Ink study

Im just playing around with playing budgies, cross hatch and line. This is out of a visual diary and now usually do my drawings in visual diaries. You may also notice a clipping of a NZ tui pasted down. 

11 points

#5 A study in Blue Ink of the same woman

I did this of the same person, a figure study out of an old book of a woman holding a cup of tea. Cross hatch and line. Blue ball point pen. 

11 points

#6 Pen & Ink Maid Staedtler Pen

Also out of one of my visual diaries. I got it from a magazine. Old time maid in a rich house. 

10 points

#7 Monarch Butterflies in Pen & Ink

Can you count the number of butterflies? Some are hidden.

No you can't accuse me of plagiarism here, because this is from my own photo.

Mainly cross hatch and line, some dots. I sold the original pen & ink. 

10 points

#8 Pam’s Graphic Design, “The Brat is Back!”

Also done in Graphic Design, 1987 on a small bit of paper, "The Brat is Back" John Macinroe. Used to abuse the judges in tennis matches and be quite a loud mouth.

Tennis is really a game. However, with some the sports people sometimes get a huge ego and temper to match. I guess you could call that "Enthusiastic". I don't care for such behaviour. 

Mainly dot, drives you mad. We do it any way. 

10 points

#9 Pen & Ink King Arthur

This is King Arthur from the Knights of the round table.I used it from a Pre Raphilite book. Im fond of Pre Raphilite paintings.

Dot, line and cross hatch. Staedtler pen.

The story of King Arthur and the knights of the round table is a good story worth reading. 

9 points

What do you think?

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