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“Only You”

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I been thinking all day

I been thinking all night

Something been plaguing my mind

I can’t fight this feeling

It feels good

The feeling is you

Every time you walk by

I feel blessed to be within your presence

Your beauty surpasses that of any goddess

Shakespeare is right when he said a rose by any other name is sweet

He must’ve been talking about you

If you give me a chance I promise to cherish you

I promise to sweep you off your feet every dying day

I will see you as often as I like

I will be able to hold you in my arms all throughout the night

But deep down I know it’s true

That no matter what I’ll always love you.


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Written by TheOfficialAndrew


  1. Asked me

    You asked me today
    Whether I love you,
    Whether I want you,
    Whether I’m screwed up.

    Ask the stars
    And they will tremble.
    Ask the leaves
    And they shall whisper,

    That I dream of you,
    In the night I dream,
    In reality I wish,
    And in your dream I piss.
    Bulgarian poetry