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Old picture of art work that I have found

I kept some copies of my art work that I did a while ago and thought to put them into a post on Virily here.

Your views of them are always greatly appreciated. 

Only 4 here to show you, but I have too many to show

Pam’s Calendars

I used to create my own calendars by hand. I am one that really loves Star Trek and so here is one.

I used to work in a volunteer charity place and one of these" walked" overnight. Someone took one of the calendars

Pen & ink of Castle grounds

I got it from a picture I saw in some magazine and had a go drawing it. Scenes are not something I usually do.

It really was an experiment

Elrond the Half Elven from Lord of the Rings

This I copied by printer and laminated it.

I am also fond of Lord of the Rings. Some people hate fantasy stories but I like them if they give you hope .

Pastel Painting – The Woman from the Sea

The beach is Piha waves. The woman has issues.

I had issues at the time I drew it, my family, "Why cant you be like your 2 perfect sisters?" All the time why can't I fit in the mould of someone else? 

They don't do art work, and they are not dreamers and don't try to do 10 or 20 things all at once, so I cant be a perfect neat and tidy person all the time.

I can say I really wanted to but now I have come to accept myself and now I prefer not to be a carbon copy of anybody else. I only want to be like me.. As much as I love family.

My Aunt Cara brought the original and has it on her wall. She liked it.

What do you think?

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