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It Is OK Little One, You Can Safely Drink The Water

Peter Heckmann – Medium sized original abstract painting from 2017 (48 cm x 76 cm) part of my Romantic Dream Escapes and Symmetrical Abstractions Series – It Is OK Little One, You Can Safely Drink The Water – Acrylic on canvas / layered, scraped, blotted and blended (digitally adjusted and enhanced).


You are like a breathless bird

Too tired to fly, needing to rest

You travelled so far 

You are like a restless bird

Needing a mate, wanting to nest

You traveled so far

You are like a sleepless bird

At the end of a journey, you hope for the best

It is the beginning of many beginnings

You finally ‘ve come home


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Written by Peter Heckmann

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  1. I feel conflicted about this piece. The violet color palette is soothing, but the texture of the work is almost disturbing. I keep wanting to look into the painting see if I can identify shapes, objects, faces. It’s very dramatic!

    • Hi Blue Sailor, if you feel that way, then I actually did my job. It is all about our search for happiness … longing and belonging, sometimes returning home after a long journey and everything changed … at times for the worst. The bird is in the center of the image (look for the beek) and the water troph at bottom on the left side.

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