The Nocturnal Messenger – (2017)

“The Nocturnal Messenger”    (digital painting/collage – 2017)

In the beginning I started combining elements of my photographs as a really quick sketch pad kind of thing. It’s quick in that the images are more completely developed and give a more complete idea of what a finished intaglio print might look like. It also aids enormously in breaking down the steps one might use in creating them. Intaglio requires a streamlining in terms of color passes through the press and an analysis of which colors might be combined in a single pass. The softwares at their simple level  think in the same way that one thinks when producing a print in terms of layers and the ordering of layers. But, the vast majority of them remain as digital files to be printed as digital art. I still find it a fun exercise, or I must find it so, because I have made so many. I guess like most sketches many of them will not become handmade prints.


What do you think?

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    • They are depicted as birds often (though often as great masses of birds) …
      I hadn’t thought of it in this vain and now the title doesn’t help. Although psychopomps aren’t messengers so much; but, rather escorts to provide safe passage.
      Hmmm, now it’s kind of ominous looking.

      Cheers, now I’m thinking this one over …

      • Psychopomps always move souls from this world to another, but depending upon the culture they may also have other duties; messengers aren’t common but they aren’t rare either…

        Anyway, I wasn’t suggesting this was a psychopomp or even should be one. Just mentioned that it reminded me of one. Nice piece regardless

        • I can see how it did remind you.
          I’m not rethinking it that hard but I do wonder sometimes about random images made without thinking sometimes. After the fact so to speak. The phrase should really be, “What was I not thinking?”

          • “What was I not thinking?” I often struggle with being more mindful about the process as opposed to just letting the art happen. It’s a tough call…

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