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New Abstract Fine Art Film – APM Series – 200

Abstract Photo Moto Series – 200

The fine art filmmaking that I was involved with in the early 1980’s  was done using 8mm, Super8, and 16mm film. Many of the films that I saw were made with 8mm or Super8 film stock. They were often referred to as small gauge films. Many were silent. They utilized light and shadow, the rhythm of the splices, camera movement, focus variations, and tricks from experimental photography to create a short visual experience in motion. I have been using the methods of the analog films with modern digital equipment. I called the films Abstract Photography in Motion at first. They became the Abstract Photo Moto Series. These silent films are meant to be a purely visual experience. They do have some structure and rhythm even without sound. This project pays homage to the small gauge films of the past.  It’s analog methods in Hi-Def!

Here is my latest upload: Abstract Photo Moto Series 200 has some interesting variations of one composition. There are some very colorful segments. Please enjoy this film and let me know what you think.

©2019 – Howard Faxon 


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    • Thank you Carol. I have a dream of exhibiting one of these from the future phase two in a gallery or someplace – in hi-def on a flatscreen looping. My Tube channel says otherwise. I’m not getting a lot of views. And Vimeo was kind of snobby about them – Vimeo has better quality embedding but doesn’t always work well for a global audience.
      The new ones coming are less sedate and change compositions.

    • Thanks!
      I’m glad if people enjoy them. Lighting was a thing I did lots of. I enjoy making these but have seen them so much now … by the time I edit one minute of these I’ve seen the footage so many times I’m not sure what I’m seeing sometimes.


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