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Never Has A Calla Lily Been So “Engaging”!

Some say getting “Engaged” can be one of the scariest moments in someone’s life. Popping the big question leaves you open for either one of the biggest acceptance or rejection moments that you will ever remember.

My then girlfriend and I had been dating for nine months and I knew she was the one for me. Why wait any longer to start the rest of your life when you can start it now!

There are lots of “How I got engaged” stories out there and some are out of this world elaborate, crazy, imaginative, disastrous, memorable and not so memorable. I didn’t have a bucket load of money to rent a hot air balloon, or whisk her off to Paris and propose atop of the Eiffel tower but I can carve so this was my special story.

I started the big moment days earlier with carving a Calla lily, which she loves, out of an old Mahogany burl. I told her I was carving it for someone else to throw her of the scent. Thankfully she bought it! After it was done and the big night was upon me i carved the date, Jan.23 2008, into the stem of the flower along with “Mona Marry Me”. This meant I had to do it that night and not chicken out or the date would be wrong if I did it another day instead.

I also carved out an engagement ring out of walnut to serve as a interim ring that she could wear until I could get my Goldsmith brother, Paul Lefebvre, to create one she could design herself.

Well everything went according to plan. I asked her while presenting her the flower and ring and she said… nothing!

She was so stunned it took a few moments to get out the “Yes”!


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