Meet Kenneth! Who am I?

Hello, good-day, I’m the author and publisher Kenneth Shumaker.

You may be unfamiliar with me, for some of you thank you for following.

For me, as an author and publisher, it’s a pleasure to meet you and to see your work.

Well met.

I’m a person of many former different occupations which include college instructor, farmer and construction worker as well as many other things, but I’ll always be a student.

In my writer’s life, I write non-fiction work and fiction work, and as a moderator, I lead a writing discussion group locally in High Prairie, called the ‘Fellowship of the Scribblers.’

As well, I work as a desktop web publisher for authors. I’ve published books, along with several short stories and serial series. I currently have out the works published of such authors as Eric J Kregel with his ‘Exhaust from the Tin Woods,’ and Aria with ‘Bard & Dragoman,’ as well as Michael B Donovan’s, ‘The Trouble with Animals,’ and Brian Hill’s work, ‘The Farm.’

At one time we were publishing the short story ezine, ‘Dalan,’ at InUPress, but I no longer had the time or resources to do so. So, the project was put it on a back burner until we can find financing for more resources.

In another of my lives, I build websites, consult with businesses on building them up from scratch, or building their business plans, brand or platform. By such things as showing them how to maintain motivation and be productive with setting goals. I also help with creating needed documents which may include logos and such, and blogs or social media, or ghost writing, etc.

My other passion is working with the hardware and programs of computers. I’ve worked primarily with Windows systems as far back as Windows 95. I also work with Apple systems. Doing such work as custom building, maintaining and repairing of desktops and laptops.

I believe we come into the world learning how to live and so we should always be students. Even in my relaxing time I am a student in my gaming and with my passion for listening to music. I enjoy playing roleplaying games of dozens of varieties, for one I created my own world setting wayyyy back in 1979.

With this passion for gaming I created for my medieval fantasy setting, my Quantos world setting in 1988 and expanded it to my writing for such serial series as Bloodgrue, Lanis and Morgus. As well as my ‘Lost Souls,’ book series.

In recent years I expanded into sci-fi/fantasy and science fiction genres in my writing with the 5th Galaxy world setting. In 2016 I began writing in such works as Eren’s Challenge, Star Grean and Star Grade. This is new, even though my first science fiction novel was written in 1978, being 312 pages worth.

Then this year, 2018, stepping outside this comfort zone I’m delving into our era realm in an alternative history with my new, Adan world setting in a work called, ‘Calgary Drop,’ a drama/thriller.

I look forward to talking more about computers, motivation, music, productivity, publishing or writing with you if you like. I know we may not have talked, if you’re interested I’m open to discussions on various items.

I teach motivation and productivity, as well as on publishing and writing. My current projects include producing a video for a teaching course on the various forms of publishing, for Skillshare, and as well as an image prep vlog, for Virily.

I’m Kenneth Shumaker with InUPress from High Prairie.

May the Words Stay with You!

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What do you think?


  1. Good to meet a man of many talents.
    My work here will speak for itself.
    I take many photos and I do drawing and illustration and art work.
    I would love to learn more about technology. Don,t have the facilities here in NZ to learn as much as I need to know.
    However, I make do with with whats available.
    Getting to know people takes longer than 10 seconds on a computer.
    Look forward to viewing your posts.