Cover reveals for the books, Exhaust from the Tin Woods, by Eric J Kregel

Virily Post written by Kenneth Shumaker.

On May 16, 2018.

Cover reveal for the alternative history steampunk novel written by Dr. Eric J Kregel.

Exhaust from the Tin Woods,’ is a novel paced through the northern woods of 1895 around Alberta’s Grouard on the north shore of Slave Lake. This steampunk novel follows the tribulations of an adopted group of science students led by the renown professor Allbrung in a time when the spiders of the demented criminal scientist who was a colleague of the professor’s from Victorian Europe. As the deranged scientist engages in an assault in the woods of Alberta with an attempt to turn the living beings of the world into functioning machines.

InUPress released, in April of 2018, the revised this second edition based on reader feedback of our 2016 first edition novel for Eric. These are our covers for the new e-book and paperback volumes.

Start with reading the enticing story in chapter one where we discover the school, people and woods of this journey.

We love to receive your comments and feedback here on Virily or over at anytime. Tell us what you think of the covers, or buy the book, read it and write a review saying your thoughts regarding the story or book. We gladly listen to you.

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