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Here I am, I’m asking you, which one of these covers looks better?

I enjoy designing covers but as the designer, I get attached to fonts and images. I like to know which of these in the following sets you think looks better. Tell me which catches your attention, and if you leave me comments or send me a message telling me about what you like or don’t like regarding the covers, I will contact the person with the most useful feedback and discuss the details. Plus, as an added feature I’ll ask about your ideas for an episode of Eren’s Challenge, or Morgus, your choice. I love useful feedback however small it may seem to you, as I may be overlooking something and it may make a huge difference in the design.

So my friends please reach out and be heard.

  • Question of

    These are the current two renditions which I’m testing for the Dendar novel. Which one gets your attention? The genre is medieval fantasy.

    • Dendar 1
    • Dendar 2
  • Question of

    These are two possible Larret covers, which do you prefer? This is the first book in the, ‘Lost Souls.’ series of medieval fantasy.

    • Laret
    • Larret
  • Question of

    We’re launching the ‘Exhaust from the Tin Woods,’ second edition this month, which cover should we use? This novel is an alternative history steampunk.

    • Our original cover
    • our 3rd iteraction


What do you think?

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  1. Hey Folks, I will be talking with the person who gives the most useful feedback, at the end of March after the 31st. You may decide which series we decide to talk about, Morgus or Eren’s Challenge for you to decide the fate of the episode.

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