Morgus, E019 Part three, Turquoise Seal Chair


Written by Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 019 Part three, ‘Turquoise Seal Chair.’


June 23, 2018

Part one published on Virily on July 5, 2018.

Part two published on Virily on July 12, 2018.

Part three published on Virily on July 19, 2018.

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Winter 66 Unicorn

Gestures that are wild flailing’s come from the old pampaloo, as Larap screeches, “I have no guards here … none to defend my property – it’s your job to see that I and my property are defended, Boy!”

Trying not to chuckle at the antics of Larap, as he holds his outward composure grim with a straight-face and eyes narrowed, Morgus responds, “do we have a budget or a quantity rating you’ve set?”

With another flurry of his hand again, the Baron grumbles then he says, “you’re the chamberlain! – you figure it out!”

Morgus recalls his scouring of Baron Larap’s Hessan estate budget. Recalling the bookkeeping records, he ponders this, then he offers, “I’ll head to the Mercenary Hall in Loren Square and Market after returning the wagon I’m renting from Punting Horse.”

Larap gives a sordid grunt. “Be sure to pay for the riding horse you’ve borrowed as well.”

Chuckling loudly this time, Morgus regains his composure. “I’ve already put the coins into your treasury.”

Slapping his desk, Larap chuckles, and then says, “Good!” 

Winter 67 Unicorn

Feeling exhausted, Morgus stumbles down off the wagon in to the Punting Horse courtyard. He groans loud from his guts as he spots Essen marching toward him.

“MORGUS! How the Seven Hells did you end up with our wagon? I thought I said no to you!” the older brother of the stablemaster grabs the reins of the lead horse. Jerking the horse’s head, Essen starts inspecting each horse then the wagon so diligently that Morgus swears the brat wants to rebuild the conveyance. Maybe he’s looking for ticks?

About a half-an-hour later the old Jalmal demands, “how many days?”

Non-plussed, Morgus flippantly replies, “four.”

The shorter man grunts and holds out his hand. “Four Flairs, NOW!”

The giant younger brother to the pain comes scurrying over, after exiting their house.“Essen, he’s left a deposit – we owe him three Flairs.”

Slowly lowering his hands, as he pulls his thumbs away from each other, Morgus places a false smile on his face, reversing the shallow upside-down expression he previously had. His eyes brighten as Morgus turns to Terrec.

The mage says with a somewhat not as feigned excitement as he’s feeling. “Hey – Terror Tot, remove the blight before I do!”

Acknowledging Morgus’ veiled threat to kill Essen, Terrec turns to his brother. “Could you go fetch Morgus’ three Flairs from our strong box – take your time. I’d like to talk with him.”

Grunting with a sharp snort through his nose, Essen turns and walks slowly toward the house.

Motioning after his brother, Terrec asks, “are you really going to kill him?”

Morgus simply gives a single short nod.

Shaking his head, Terrec says, “he’s been bad for business … but he is my brother. If he dies and it’s suspected it was you … the Dragons will know, and I’ll pay for the retribution, Morg!”

Looking up into the intelligent giant man’s eyes, Morgus can see his sincerity, and so gives another quick short nod while their eyes are locked.

After some time, a grumbling Essen returns with a sack of 300 copper dusters. Handing this sack to Morgus, he grins, and says, “your three-coin deposit returned.”

Accepting the sack, hefting the sack a couple times to estimate its weight, Morgus nods. “Of course, I needed change for my deposit box, thank you.”

His smile turns upside-down into a frown again, Essen grunts through his nose yet again and turns to march away with rabid stomps.

Looking up into Terrec’s eyes, Morgus says, “you know his remaining days are numbered … I give you my word … I will try to refrain from it being from my hands.”

A short nod and Terrec replies, “good enough, Morg!”

Untethering Rex from the rear of the wagon, Morgus looks down at Square then up at the two day-gods. Estimating it is two hours after noon, he decides to dash back to Hessan estate today.

Winter 70 Unicorn

Morgus travelled the whole thirteen kilometres to Dorlets Inn in one shot arriving well after dark last night, to book a room for him and Square along with stabling for Rex.

Rising early with a fresh start this morning, he arrived quite early at the Loren Mercenary Hall and acquired this meeting with their Captain Chalmers, an enigmatic forty-something attractive Jalfem who nearly matches Morgus in size.

Leaning forward slightly, Morgus can smell the armour oils of her studded leather armour. He sees the shiny tooled horse head brass pummel of her longsword move as she jostles on her seat.

Addressing the woman with the utmost respect, as they’ve already clasped arms with an honourable warrior’s arm clasp, having reached elbow-to-elbow. “Captain Chalmers, I come to you from Baron Hessan, as his Chamberlain. We seek to obtain warriors as guards for the Hessan estate. I have a budget set that I must maintain, so begging your will, I’d like to hire a sergeant and four privates at 0.60 a day for the sergeant and 0.20 a day for each private – begging your agreement of course!”

As her armour creaks with her shifting, Chalmers eyes Morgus while she ekes a slight smile. “You know our rates, don’t you, Master Morgus … why do you double the private’s rate and offer a higher than usual first sergeant’s rate?”

With a slight wink, Morgus responds, “as a guarantee of their loyalty and as hazard pay.”

Her smile creeps bigger, Chalmers asks, “hazards?”

He gives a single shallow nod before Morgus replies, “walking-dead are known to stalk our estate.”

Laughing in disbelief, Chalmers sits back, then gains her calm again. “You serious? Walking-dead are myths to frighten the weak.”

Giving the Captain an expression which is as straight as a ruler, Morgus replies, “we’ve dealt with eight wights so far at the estate, Captain Chalmers.”

Going pale as a bed-sheet, the mature Jalfem stares at Morgus then clears her throat. “Wights?”

Giving a slight nod, Morgus replies, “yes.”

Brushing her hands together, the Captain says, “we’ll start interviews right away.”

Over the next six hours the two conduct interviews with nine warriors until Morgus has four privates all under twenty-three-years of age and a thirty-seven-year-old Jalfem sergeant of some skill.

Taking these five warriors over to the Dorlets Inn later that afternoon after acquiring gear for them, he books them each a room for the night.

The end of part three of Morgus episode E019 written by, Kenneth Shumaker.


May the words stay with you!


©2018 by Kenneth Shumaker with Inevitable Unicorn Press  

To be continued in the next Morgus episode E019 part four, ‘Turquoise Seal Chair,’ …



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