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Mecha Girl pinup – release version

The title of this piece is actually Pop Art and refers to the hatch of her landmate. It’s a pun. Too much of a thinker? Anyway, I thought it was pretty clever at the time. Too late to change it now…

#1 facial

I just wanted you to be able to see the barcode on her cheek and the circuitry shaved into her head

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#2 release version

she's happy and sassy and drives a landmate


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  1. You always were good at matching my clothes lol, and you still are great at it. The hair, eyes, boots all match perfectly. Her facial expression does the look proudly.

  2. I like the blue hair and the blue lipstick. A fashion blogger I knew actually has this type of hair and lipstick and it looks fun. The pose does not match the landmate. I would have preferred a badass pose like “time to go to war” kinda pose ?

      • Uhm, more of appropriate pose and outfit for an appropriate background Mr. A. If your background is bed, beach or flowers (even if a thorny one ???), this will do. In a landmate, I think a stern face, midriff top and short shorts (ripped pants even) will do. Keep the boots (will not match ripped pants though). A woman or a man, for that matter, need not show so much skin to be sexy ?. But that is just me