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Pop Art – POC

Although I do like this character design, it fails in some important ways; the barcode tattos on her cheeks and chest don’t read even in this closeup and would confuse things even further when zoomed out so they have to go. Ditto with the circuitry shaved into her scalp. Even though they are both really nice design elements, they just don’t work here so although they’re both sweet ideas, they’re ultimately wrong for this venue so they have to go…

#4 cool

Not at all! Because the mech is a complete success and you're going to be able to appreicate that much more in the final version. Additionally, her new look and feel will be informed by what I have learned from this proof of concept. So failure isn't applicaple here because failure isn't about falling down; failure is staying down


What do you think?


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  1. Site won’t let me comment on each photo, but I didn’t think it was a fail from the start, and I loved that green vest until I saw how nice it looked in gray. All of it is good, don’t worry about what is or isn’t a fail, just keep going. You can always use the parts you lose on something else.

    • Yeah that commenting bug is a known issue, hopefully they’ll fix it soon. Since this is a proof of concept, I do need to worry about what is working and what isn’t so I can apply that to the next iteration

      But yeah, I can reuse/recycle old resources

  2. The first and last are my favorites. The first one really grabs you when you first see it. So much color. The composition is great. The details I know are not good for you but from my viewpoint, she is hot with that hair, those boots and that innocent smile.


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