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Ledante’s annual joke

Unlike the daily doses of humor that Kim_Johnson provides for us, I tend to only tell the one joke a year and it is the same joke every year, regarding my new year’s resolution… I mentioned that mine was 300dpi

But I don’t think most of you got the joke, so I am going to have my TA explain it to you

#1 rough sketch

Print resolution is three hundred dots per inch, often abbreviated to 300dpi. There is some dispute over screen resolution, which is either 96dpi or 72dpi. I've heard it both ways...

DPI is a relative measurement, as it is predicated on inches. Notice the TA is showing you how the same pixel dimensions would translate into different dpi measurements

#2 final version

At any rate, I prefer to work in pixels since those are absolute values and do not change regardless of what dpi you use. But that's my new years resolution joke explained

Of course, you know what they say about jokes you have to explain...

  1. Any number of ways: I can start out traditional and then finish it up digitally or I can do it all on the machine. Photomanipulation is another way, or generating an image using some app and then altering it also works… Whatever blows your skirt up

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