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Faze – WIP

While I have absolutely no problems with strong female superheros like Wonder Woman, I enjoy creating sassy superheros simply because they’re more fun to draw, even if sassy is conceptually less interesting

As opposed to my fantasy females, who tend to be barbarians or amazons or something equally formidable and fierce…

#1 work in progress

It stands to reason that a sassy superhero would have a sassy power and a saucy outfit with a frisky color scheme. Speaking of which, her fleshtone is a midrange between the copper and black of her costume. Just a cheap way to get a unified color scheme...

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#2 rough sketch

I thought I'd go for the standard manga pose with her throwing a V

For some reason, I have a tough time doing a really dynamic full body pose. You'd think it would be easier, but not for me. Apparently, I am better at implied action...

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What do you think?

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