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Introducing my youngest sister and her talent

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My youngest sister is 10 years younger than me. She just retired last year from a teaching career that spanned some 30 odd years. Lately we have been corresponding more and seeing each other occasionally. At the present she is on a trekking voyage in France alongside her companion who is French from France originally. But one aspect of my youngest sister that I did not really know about is the fact that she started painting watercolor paintings that I want to share with you here on Virily. I remember that she told me once that she took a course in watercoloring but I certainly never knew she had that much talent… Pease note that all the paintings that you will see were sent to my phone from my sister and thus were not taken from anywhere on the web. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment on this little presentation of mine on behalf of my youngest sister…

This is one of the first painting she realized while In France in Carcassonne. I personally think that she has talent for having taken the time to unfold her watercolour book and drawn out and painted this beautiful statue…

Here is a second painting she realized while still trekking along but now in Donneville, France.

And now for the third painting… But sorry about the presentation of this painting, I cannot figure out how to reverse it and put it straight even though I put it straight on my laptop…

Now here is a 4th painting which I find very pretty and simple and natural…


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    • I agree Vidocka. She is very talented and I can barely believe that she is painting those while on a trekking trip in France… Thank you for your comment/compliment. I will relay it. Also a big thanks for your up vote.

    • Yes she has talent I agree. Thank you very much for your compliment and I will relay it. We are just getting to talk again as we are 10 years apart while the middle sister is 5 years apart from me and my youngest sister (P.S. I am the oldest). So, growing up there was a large gap between all of us which we are now filling up…


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