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I Know

I know

I am a mystery to you

because even I

the mystery to myself.

I know

I was not able to protect your heart

so not to wounded by many battles

on sheets of your incidents

for I was not a commander

your taste and language.

I know

I had been failed you thousands of times

because I couldn’t antagonize your enemies

due even I won’t able to arouse hatred

to them who against me.

I know

I could not make you happy

for your heart was not in my hand

so that I can paint it

as happy in the caste you want

I know

I do not know anything

about you and about me

except for the skin

can be noted by sensory.

I know

as long as there are You and I

we will never be able

understand Love as it is.

Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of The Land of Confusion Series – “I Know”.


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  1. to Albert Herdiante Widjojo:
    You are so fluent in the use of Languages verbs and adjectives pounding emotion of the poem into Place. To day I noticed the change in the range of usual English grammar and Idiom flow, I wish I could patch in the normal order or words where English would GO, but I know the burning of genius in Poetic creation lights a path in Its own flow and Show.


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