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Hardboiled – giclee print

Another tribute to John Woo, this is his signature “jumping backward while firing two guns as paper falls all around you” style… I couldn’t afford to get Chow Yun Fat for this piece, but his kid sister was well within my budget

This concludes my Hong Kong cinema tribute for this year, but I will be providing some lunar new year fanservice, please look forward to it!

#1 release version

Affirmative action comes to HK cinema. I tried to get a nice gritty look for this piece. I also wanted to include the ubiquitous red lanterns...

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#2 statue render

There's a reason why she's wearing a much longer skirt in the statue render, but I won't bore you with the details...

#3 rough sketch

All the falling sheets of paper are actually copies of this very sketch (how is that even possible?)

#4 banner graphic

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