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Golden Harvest – giclee print

Now we bid a fond farewell to John Woo and go back to the 70s kung fu films. They have a very distinctive look, which I’ve endeavored to reproduce for you here

#1 release version

Tie Shan Gong Zhu (Princess Iron Fan) is a minor character from Journey to the West- a celebrated Buddhist classic which has been adapted to film on many occasions

      • I’m not sure it’s only about the lights… I don’t know what possibilities you have in the program you use so it’s hard to say what to do, but looking at it artistically (all your works) the same “problem” happens in some of your works… Maybe it’s not about the light, maybe it’s the color or the lines that are too soft for the forefront

          • Just some things are not intesive quite enough for the front line (like her left hand) (or it is maybe because of the lighting :/), and some are not that good in the perspective – also because of the same problem (like the fan in her right hand; also there is a problem there is no feeling she really holds that fan – there is no quite connection between the hand and the fan – it happens with the left hand fan too but a little less…)…

  1. I see the same “problem” in many of your works, and I think maybe color (intensity) is the key… :/ Sorry, I hope you don’t mind my “corrections”….. 🙂

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#2 clay render

I like the warm glow of the sky behind her

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#3 rough sketch

Rice paper, but no calligraphy brush because I can't do that sort of thing. You're thinking of @fukufuku

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