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Happy Romance Artwork

Hello everybody,

I am back to share another art piece that I have made. I used gimp to make this one like usual, as I have stated many times before it’s my favorite go to art program.

I made a very colorful gradient for the background. Over that, I added the piece of land, and all the silhouettes. I got the brushes for the silhouettes from Deviant Art. That’s a program where you can download brushes for Gimp and Photoshop.  I made sure all were free to use, which they will say if they are or not.

I wanted this to piece to be fun and happy, but also kind of romantic. Sometimes just slapping a silhouette of a couple does not make the piece romantic. I try to add other elements to add more romanticism to the art work.

What do you all think of this piece? If you have feedback, I would love to hear it (as long as it is constructive).

Thank you for your time!


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