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Goblin Reaver – giclee print

I don’t expect the goblins have a regular standing army; they strike me as a tribal level culture and as such they would have more of a militia. None of them are issued armor or weapons, those are the responsibility of the individual… Basically their equipment is whatever they can beg, borrow or loot and I wanted his gear to reflect that philosophy

One also assumes that they don’t fight in formation but as a collection of individuals and I designed his pose with that in mind. My favorite bit of this piece is the rimlighting

#1 release version

There is something cinematic about my presentation of this goblin lunging out from the smoke of a burning village- the embers really help sell that

This piece makes me want to do more orcs and such. You'll still let me count them as fanservice, won't you ladies?

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#2 rough sketch

Just a value study for this beastie, mapping out all the darks and lights. Mind you, those spots are on the paper, they aren't me trying to indicate the embers

...but where do you think I got the idea from in the first place?

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