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Fridays In Black And White – Photomontage

Untitled 911170      photomontage  © 2019 – Howard Faxon

For this week’s ‘Fridays In Black and White’ here is a brand new photomontage from the surreal collage group of images. There is no title yet and maybe it won’t get one. It does suffer a bit at a small size because it is a dark image. The monochrome purist in me apologizes for the element of color in there. This is the best new black and white image I have sitting around right now so I pushed the rules a bit.

It’s just a vague dreamlike work and probably is best interpreted by the viewer. This reminds me of the Jungian idea of why oracles work. The oracle works because it must be interpreted by the receiver. Through this act of interpretation the true knowledge or desire of the subconscious mind is unknowingly revealed. It can’t do otherwise. Anyway, please enjoy “Untitled 911170”.


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  1. The construct of man vs nature represented well here. The maelstrom, in the shape of a giant bird, preparing to pounce, the innocent animals not knowing what is coming.

    sorry, it was dark and my mind wandered.


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