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Flying with the Birds

Title: Flying with the Birds

Made with: Gimp

Style: Graphic Design

© Courtney Dutton

Hello everybody,

Here is another art piece I made using the program called Gimp. I used pink and orange for the background. Together those colors are very pretty (I think).

Over that, I put a moon and some clouds. I don’t try to put too many clouds because I don’t want it to look too crazy.  A few clouds give it a nice touch, but too many and it won’t look very nice.

Then, over that I put the black silhouettes (the grass, tree, girl, and birds).

I just wanted this piece to be simple and fun.  The girl is flying with a balloon.  Is she flying to freedom?  It is up to you to create your own story of what is going on.  That’s what I love about artwork, is it can be left open to interpretation.

I think this could make a nice gift, what do you think?


What do you think?