Art Deco interior design style for your home

Art Deco today is more popular than ever!

Art Deco style was created in the twentieth century 3-4 decade. The excitement and optimism of Europe and America have laid the foundation for this colorful and elegant style of interior design. This style formed the era of mass production and culture. It has established itself in industry, advertising, visual and applied art. Little by little was refused decorative, vegetable motif and abundant ornaments, designers begin to look for new aesthetic forms, technologies.

The Art Deco style emphasizes the simplicity of form, modernity. It formed a new attitude, changed the mindset of people, a way of life. It was the style of dreams, hopes, and spontaneity and luxury life. Art Deco style is unpredictable, moving and modern.

The new style was particularly striking in architecture and interior design. It started to use glass, also aluminum and metal. Extremely expensive materials were used, such as exotic trees, various leathers, pearls, shark and snake skin. Ash, maple and cherry became the most popular wood. For the decoration was used gold, silver or bronze combining with the malachite, agate and ivory.

Main features

The Art Deco style is an impressive set of stylish elements – furniture, fabrics, wall hangings, glass, ceramics and mirrors. This style is eclectic, unpredictable. Specifically, the concept of style is difficult to define, due to the interconnections of the various influences in it.

The Art Deco style is easiest to identify from bright colors and combining of contrasting materials. The shapes are laconic and the corners are sharp. Both in the interiors and furniture can be found the oriental culture, Greek art. In the decoration of furniture, this style can be identified from geometric drawings, rhombus, zigzags, rays, broken arrows.

The motifs of hieroglyphs, scarabs, snakes, pyramids, shells are also characteristic. Various combinations of materials, unusual shapes, original surfaces give the interior a luxurious image.

Art deco-style furniture has often been impressive, sometimes not matching the purpose of the item. The  interiors are decorated with sculptures, and paintings often feature athletic men, or with a good sense of humor, passionate, sly women. Such luxurious interiors, things could only be afforded by very rich, refined people with good taste.

Art Deco style today

Monitoring the fashion trends of interior decor and furniture, it can be said that today’s Art Deco is again a very popular and beloved style. The furniture manufacturers are exporting Art Deco-style products, while architects and interior designers present designs of this style. It is popular both in Europe and America. Only in Europe are fashionable bright colors: black, red, as well as vivid contrasts, while in America there are somewhat milder, pastel colors.

Of course, contemporary Art Deco differs from the historical style. One of the changes is that the furniture has already been adapted to the consumer of this time. For example, soft furniture is made larger, more comfortable. However, the price of such furniture is certainly not lower, because in order to produce the desired result of Art Deco furniture, you need to put up valuable handmade work. But the value of this type of furniture is long lasting, especially when furniture finds its place in a tastefully furnished interior.

Nowadays, when there is a lot of information, it’s really not difficult to create a close-fitting, cozy interior for yourself. However, to create a functionally well-designed, stylish or trendy interior, a professional interior designer, architect, or antique collector can best assist. It must be understood that objects such as Art Deco, or other fashionable, historical-style items require an appropriate interior space. They must be adequately exposed, maintained and evaluated.


The colors usually are used sparingly in Art Deco style. Most color schemes include black color’s combinations: black with, black with red, black and white. Also, it uses accents of chrome and gold. Blue or gray supposed to soften the decor.


Classic white or black marble floors are typical of the Art Deco interior. Often for the floor are used checkered tiles with white and black. The carpets are placed over a sleek floor, usually in brown, black or blue, gray with serpentine swirls or geometric flowers.


Lighting in the Art Deco interior includes ceiling lighting, floor lamps, table lamps and wall sconces. Floor lamps love blown glass, it is made from iron or chrome. Table lamps are bright nickel with clear, matte or colored glass. Wall sconces can be bronze, aluminum, steel, or silver coated with non-ferrous metals, with opaque white or colored glass.


Most surfaces are smooth and clean. Velour is widely used in upholstered furniture and the leather makes it to look elegantly.

Mirrors made of nickel, chrome, and silver or decorated with motifs of reindeer, peacock, rose, and geometric shapes. There are popular bronze sculptures to add as an element of the decor. Door handles and candlesticks are made from nickel, chromium, silver or wood in chevron shapes. Frosted glass or black-white marble is used in vases.

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  1. I love art deco! If I had my way around the house,that’s the way it would go! My furniture would be out of storage and presented in a brand new light. Thank you for this piece, it is definitely something to ponder over while searching for my own place.

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