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Into my ocean

I submerge liquid deep,

Waters wash away the years

Drowning illusions

Confusions from their twisted tongues 

Away from babblings I emerge

The death of he

who they thought was me

Can’t they see for looking

I be he who is baptized of water,

Aqua rides at salted seas

with an army of sons beyond the borders

A journey into my embryo

Deep in the ocean submergence

Far stretches there’s universities

And more Libraries of books

with pages and pages I looks

Every micro molecule

we reset to consciousness  

For I am the universe

and the universe is in me,

My affinity

I mingle with the Gods

I am you

You are me

We are you,

I am a child of Divinity…



till we become the sun

Push and pull the gravity

Out of waters

we emerged mightier

I am you

and you are me

Every night we hear the cries

of those with tears from their eyes,

Who shall run against the race

Who shall battle with no fear

Before this generation

how the mighty shall fall

If they can see

the writings on the wall

There can be no peace

until the restoration of balance…

 Copyright © 2020         Bradley M. Tremmil                


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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    • That is why you are such an inspiration. I read your words and find myself translating to probably a different place than you were as you wrote them. The great thing about poetry is we can all express ourself and take the journey in whatever direction we choose.

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