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Digital sunset by oscarps

Digital art is a relatively new form of expression and in gestation. The novelty of the medium leads to a transcendentalization of digital pieces without an adequate revision of their quality, creating a corpus of works that probably do not pass the test of time: the novelty of the medium becomes an aesthetic category, and art critics and writers Of the digital culture, as well as the companies that advertise new technologies contribute to this.

Images in digital art can be generated directly by computer, such as fractal art images and algorithmic art, or taken from other sources, such as a scanned photograph or an image drawn with vector graphics software using a mouse or tablet graph. Digital painting is spoken when the work is created by imitating the forms, techniques and styles of traditional painting, but using the software of a computer platform. The image obtained can be viewed from the screen of any computer, or printed on different media, such as papers or canvas.


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  1. Like photography itself alarmed painters and printmakers 100 years ago and digital photography created new problems and definitions for the “photograph” the 40 years of “computer art” have good and bad points. But, it is really just another pencil. The pencil should not be allowed to define what the “art” will be. The material and tools used to make art should be defined by the needs of the art. It is very corruptive this convenient pencil.

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