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Crystal material test – WIP

Finally my system is back to something approaching my old workflow. I still have to limp as opposed to the sprinting I was used to but this is progress. I will need to do a huge amount of configuration to restore all my shortcuts, accelerator keys, automation and other tasks to streamline my process, but I’ve found a way around my last bottleneck so most of my remaining challenges are going to be scheduling related

Meanwhile, check out these crystals I promised you last month

#1 rose quartz

Crystals are a challenge, as they have properties that most other materials don't but it seems like I've been able to capture the look and feel of rose quartz here

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#2 glowing crystals

These are rose quartz crystals which have been infused with mana and are glowing. Doesn't really work, does it? They might read better in another environment, or possibly my solution sucks. Can't tell from this test...

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#3 blue crystals

I don't know what type of crystals these are. Let's just assume they are mana crystals...

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    • I wrote this before I read the comments, I see I was not the only one. Yes, blue works. Amethyst can have both red or blue secondary colors. The ones you find in say like in Brazil will be the dark purple ones, the ones found in the US are muted and have more blue tint to them. So, you have both kinds here.

  1. Looking at this again. Does anyone see a partially cloudy sky right before sunrise or sundown with a pine tree ridge line on the tallest dark purple ones reflection? Did you mean to do that Alex? Can you see it?

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