Creativity Unlocked

I wanted to encourage Little Miss to be creative so a couple of years ago when I got my iPad mini I got her and her brother some fun artistic apps that would encourage her creativity. I quickly found out that Kalediscope Pro, Kidglow and for a time Reading Eggs were here favorites.

This was one Little Miss did last summer so she was seven and a half.

I had people telling me they would never let their children use tablets, but I found that apps like Reading Eggs which is phonics based actually helped Little Miss improve in her reading, and she was able to do that in the matter of weeks, and art apps are great for those long car rides or appointments.

I agree that there has to be boundaries, that we need to encourage children to pick up paper and markers and create just as they need to know the joys of reading actual books, what I am saying is there is a happy medium.

(C) Michelle R Kidwell


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