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Collage ~ Let's Do More

After some work that I’ve posted before for this challenge, both as graffiti, abstract, collage, poster, psychedelic, and several other types of works, this time I want to give an example of making other simple collage works that all use only one original image.

This is indeed not for friends who are experts or artists but for those who want to express imagination, creativity, artistic and aesthetic sense, into works that might be used for various things, like greeting cards, especially for Christmas and New Year that come more closer.

#6 Multi Effect

This is the same image as picture # 5 but has got a few touches of effect. I less like the centering style and this method has blurred the style, right?

#1 Plumeria

With this centering work, placing words there can be a classic style of a greeting card.

#2 Funny Car

This car is still a prototype, so it has not been sold on the market.

#3 The Secret Of A Tree

I'm sure you can imagine how to make a simple image like this, right?

#4 Plumeria Windmill

This is the easiest and has not been given any effect.

#5 Where Do You Want To Go?

This is a merger that has got a touch of effect. Like the other images, this image has been combined with the same image but which has been reversed.

What do you think?

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