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Choosing your angles

You have heard of the phrase: it pays to think out of the box… It works with taking pictures too!  I’m not a professional photographer, I only do it as a hobby.  And here, I’d like to share some of my findings… 🙂

Take a shot of a glass of soda.

How about trying a different angle, like from the top?  But you say, you won’t see the glass properly… ?  This is where thinking out of the box comes into play.

How is this? Do you like it better? Same glass, same drink, same orange coaster – shot from the top and cropped off to one side.  I can pass it off as an abstract…maybe… But I think it makes a more interesting picture. You see the glass differently as well as see more of the bubbles in the soda. It all adds to the picture, I think.

How about I make it a black and white?

Does it look more artistic? Kinda trendy, I thought – I can maybe use it as a poster for my wall! 😀

So, what I’m trying to say is – there is no right or wrong, but just taking a more interesting picture, maybe one that makes the observer think more about it. “What am I looking at?” “What is this?”


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