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I Can Still Feel You With Me

In Memory of Nonna Adelina (Ethel) Barbara Grecco Verbeck

I still feel her with me

In the gentleness of a soft breeze

And the smile of an old photograph.

I can still hear her laughter

In the recess of my mind

And I can feel her embrace

As we danced around the room

That chilly January day.

I still hear her words

In the words I speak

And her memory lives on

Everytime I cook her favorite

Dish Spaghetti.

I still smell her

In the books of hers I kept

And the sweaters on my chair

One pink and one white

Even through washing that

Nonna smell lingers on.

I still feel her with me

And I thank God

For that small miracle.

I can still see her with me

In an oil portrait Nonno painted

Long before the Lord called him home

In “86”

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


10:51 P.M PST

Author’s Comments:

“Nonna lived to be eighty nine and a half dying in November of 03, she is missed now as she was then, but we know she is with the Lord and free of pain and find comfort in that fact”


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