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Black & white or color

Today, I have another example of photographs that confuse us. Is a classic black and white version better or a color version which might be more attractive?  This is a photograph I took of Malaysia’s National Flower – the hibiscus. You may normally see a red but this peachy-colored one caught my eye!  I found this among rows of bushes of red and peach colored blooms lining the roads around my neighborhood.

There will be those of you who may prefer the color version, thinking a black and white version looks dull. And the more creative among us will favor a classic and trendy black & white. I think it depends on the photograph and your objective – high contrast photographs may look better in black and white, but if you want to project a bright cheery mood, you may want to go with a color shot.

So, which would you choose if you were me… black and white or the color?


What do you think?

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Written by ac khoo


  1. You have produced a dilemma my friend, the Black and White is always a great way to show the amazing structure of the flower, but at the same time, the colour photo is beautiful because of it’s colouring and the highlights it presents!
    Both are great!

    • Hahaha… see? I am in this constant dilemma… But sometimes the forum or particular site as well as audience I think I’m posting for helps me decide which to choose…

  2. I think it does depend on the picture. In this case I prefer the color photo – but there are times where a black and white flower photo really stands out.