My outfit of the day

  1. Beanie by C.C
  2. The Ultimate Flannel by Urban Pipeline
  3. Skinny jeans by Epic Threads 
  4. Silver glitter high tops by G By Guess

It has been a while since I have worn this maize and blue flannel shirt that always reminds me of the University of Michigan school colors. I just about got rid of it because it fits me so perfectly to the point where it is snug. If I get any bigger in the tummy or chest area it won’t be easy to hide. Wearing it recently I noticed that it still fits me the way that it did when I bought it from the thrift, so with that it lives in my closet to be worn another day, hehe. The skinny jeans and silver glitter high top sneaker pairing was just something thrown together with the flannel for wear. No thought given whatsoever, just something to wear out.


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