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Biological masterpieces made from 200K recycled bottle caps

Developing environmental awareness, this beautiful artisanal colored lid is adorned with plaster. Which is a total of 45 meters long and reaches three and a half meters and somewhere seven meters. The preparation took 45 days only.

The work of 23-year-old Oscar Olivarez is greatly appreciated, in which the bottle caps are specially painted and carefully added So that they can clarify a situation or environmental concept from afar. The wall on which the mural is built is located near Escalona, in the city of Caracas. The total length of the wall is 45 meters.
Everyone passing by is amazed at the picture and praises the efforts of the young Oscars. The mural depicts climate, wildlife and climate change. The artwork has been created under the inspiration of the Future of Construction, under which beautiful masterpieces are being made all over Venezuela.
First the white pigment is spread all over the wall and the drawing boundaries are drawn, after that, the plaster was then coated and carefully pasted to the cover.

Mucau parrots are shown in this natural environment art at the mural and also shown sunflower flowers, green hills and other small ecological elements. It is the first mural of its kind in Venezuela, created to raise awareness among the public.

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