Ahiru Hime – WIP

Some of you might recall the goldfish princess piece that I have been working on for years. This is a spoof of that piece, the duck princess. Uncertain how far I am going to take it but depressingly enough the gag version of the piece will be completed long before the proper version does…

#1 work in progress

So everything is in place here, all the props and materials are sorted. The pose, composition and lighting are still up in the air...

6 points

#2 closeup

this version is a little better, if you ask me...

5 points

What do you think?

8 points


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  1. Awe, this made me laugh. I just love it. I would love to do a photo shoot like this. Oh man, what about that giant one..imagine the possibilities. Okay, now for your work. I love them both but this time I like the above one. I like seeing the whole parasol. Both are great. her eyes are so pretty.

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