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a triumph of the will – WIP

I don’t know if anyone recognizes this piece, but it is one that I have been working on since 2016 but have never been able to resolve for many reasons. It took three different engines before I was able to get it this far…

#1 POC

original proof of concept test

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#2 raw

and that's not even the background I am going to use, just the one I had on hand...

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#3 WS

all the emissives here are done in render, no cheats

#4 LUX

the underlit face is nice, but that's about it. this was as far as I could take things with the old engine (LUXrender)

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#5 skyline

I might even keep that railing

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#6 test render

and here is the first test render I did, sign has original resources

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#7 first emissive test

I didn't even have all of my resources in place so I just used whatever I had on hand...

totally cheated the glow, but I shouldn't have to do that anymore

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#8 grace

nice saturation and rich color scheme

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#9 NT

by request, not giving the name of this preset

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#10 raw skyline

no postwork, just the raw render

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    • this piece has always been experimental- she was meant to showcase the bright lights big city background, but was shelved due to lighting issues. I am hoping to fix it now that I understand that look better…


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