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Big City White Girl – WIP

No, that’s not the title. It isn’t even a working title, more of a pejorative. We’re friends, so I can give her a hard time because she knows I don’t mean it. None of the backgrounds have and postwork and all look awful, but just think about the layout for now

#1 san

I shouldn't have to call this out, but I am going to replace the signage with my own work, after I've decided on the layout...

8 points
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#2 ni

this one is stunning, but it is also pretty dull from a layout standpoint...

7 points
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#3 shi

this one has a nice balance

6 points

#4 ichi

compositionwise, is this the best layout?

5 points
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What do you think?

16 points


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  1. My vote goes to 4 san, but It’s something that bothers my eyes, a little (sorry). The ladder or what is on the left side seems to fall on the girl’s head. Does it need to be there? I hope you do not mind what I said. It’s just an opinion.

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