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3 Tips to Create Convincing Content

  1. Write Small Paragraphs  – One of the best ways to draw attention is by writing small paragraphs that give the impression of a ‘direct to the point’ solution. This approach involves creating long content but cut down to make it look shorter. Your visitors will notice short paragraphs thinking that the solution is right there in front of them. If you want to use this strategy, be sure to provide high quality content, no matter what the case.
  2. Get Feedback – For people to stay committed to your content, it is important to ask their opinions through questions. It is well known that the best types of conversions are asking the opinion of a person. This shows that you respect their knowledge and value their opinion. Don’t you hate it, when you are in a conversation and all they do is talk about them? Use the same approach to writing the content of your bio.
  3. Include videos or images – Every now and then, the best way to get your point of view to the visitors is through images, videos and computer graphics. Different people have different ways that they understand information. So, it is better to give them in every possible way. Most likely, you might have noticed that the present growing trend in blogs is the creation of videos. Why? They are good and exceptional for long and tutorial type content.  If you intend to add an image or video to your content, it is a good idea to add it both at the top as well as bottom so that the visitors will know it easily that you has the content available on video too. You should not make a visitor in and out of your site because all they see is text, without knowing that you have a video too available on the topic.


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